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Xtreme Coin

Cryptocurrency Benefits

Xtreme Coin (XCC) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency.  It’s not traded on any exchanges and CANNOT be purchased through a pre-ico or token sale at this time.  Xtreme Coin (XCC) can only be obtained as reward points by completing extreme activities on  As the XtremeAlerts platform grows and as time permits, we will soon have a timeline of these events available to all users.

Xtreme Coin (XCC)

Earn Xtreme Coin (XCC) by participating in extreme sports activities while using the Xtreme Alerts iOS and Android mobile applications.  You can also earn additional Xtreme Coin (XCC) for inviting others to and adding content to your profile.

Invite Friends

Membership on the XtremeAlerts network is important to the success of Xtreme Coin (XCC) and our future ICO and token sale.  Xtreme Coin will be awarded to XtremeAlerts members that refer their friends.

Offline Wallet

The Xtreme Coin (XCC) offline wallet is available for download for both Linux and Windows operating systems in the users profile.  This is the only place you can keep your coin.  Transfers to your wallet are done independently to prevent theft.


Soon after our token sale and ICO, members of XtremeAlerts will be able to use Xtreme Coin (XCC) rewards points on the Xtreme Classifieds.  The classifieds will be for extreme sports gear and apparel.  The classifieds will be available via the mobile iOS and Android mobile applications.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

At the moment Xtreme Coin (XCC) is not traded on any exchanges at this time and CANNOT be purchased through a pre-ico or token sale. Xtreme Coin (XCC) can only be obtained as reward points by completing extreme activities on  We will announce the token sale and ICO date once XtremeAlerts has met the pre-determined membership threshold.


Xtreme Alerts, LLC and Xtreme Coin (XCC) are making partnerships with extreme sports venues around the world that will soon validate and will be part of offering rewards points for completing extreme activities.  Please join us in growing the extreme sports industry by helping us spread enthusiasm through memberships on the network.


Xtreme Coin (XCC) and its partnership with XtremeAlerts, LLC can help your business grow.  Become a part of the network and list  your business on the network.  We realize that your success and the success of XtremeAlerts & Xtreme Coin (XCC) goes hand and hand.  Promoting your business on XtremeAlerts is FREE until our token sale and ICO date.  Take advantage of it now.

Need Talent

We’re looking to add some experienced talent in the cryptocurrency space to the Xtreme Team for Xtreme Coin (XCC).  Please contact us using the contact form.

Quick results

Our Three Objectives

Mobile Application, Xtreme Coin, and Classifieds

Mobile App

We're excited for the launch of the XtremeAlerts iOS & Android mobile applications for extreme sports enthusiasts.

Xtreme Coin

A cryptocurrency that is awarded to Xtreme Alerts members. Xtreme Coin (XCC) will eventually be traded on popular cryptocurrency exchanges.


Xtreme Coin (XCC) will offer the ability to buy, sell and trade used gear and apparel in the Xtreme Alerts classifieds.

Xtreme Coin Value

Projected Value Proposition

The value of Xtreme Coin (XCC) has yet to be determined.  However, we feel justified in saying that with over 100,000 active participants on the Xtreme Alerts mobile network and over 100,000 downloads of our Windows and Linux offline wallet, we’re extremely optimistic about the value of Xtreme Coin (XCC)

We’re excited to introduce Xtreme Coin (XCC), a cryptocurrency rewards based coin available as a reward to members of the Xtreme Alerts mobile application.  Xtreme Alerts is a social network that rewards the extreme enthusiast.  You can create an extreme event, challenge friends, set reminders, track your activity, and have friends come find you if you go missing.  Xtreme Coin (XCC) is meant to compliment the mobile application by rewarding participation.
Xtreme Coin (XCC) is real cryptocurrency with a real function.  You can earn it on the Xtreme Alerts mobile application and you’ll soon be able to exchange it with other members in our member classifieds.  You’ll soon be able to buy, sell or trade on our classifieds platform.  Or you can hold on to your Xtreme Coin (XCC) and watch its value grow on cryptocurrency exchanges!
The Xtreme Alerts mobile application is not just an idea.  It’s actually a working platform that awards its members with Xtreme Coin (XCC).  It also provides useful tools to extreme sports enthusiasts that could save lives.
Why not go ICO now?  We want a strong membership base that would attract cryptocurrency exchanges to Xtreme Coin (XCC).  The greater the network on Xtreme Alerts, the more attractive and greater perceived value we can offer to the largest and most successful global cryptocurrency exchanges.
Xtreme Alerts

Xtreme Team

Our cryptocurrency and mobile application wizards

We have a seasoned team dedicated to providing a cryptocurrency with a purpose.

What We Do

We are the creators of Xtreme Alerts and Xtreme Coin (XCC). Our Xtreme Coin (XCC) can be earned by participating in activities on Xtreme Alerts as well as bought, sold, and traded on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. And you can use our currency on our member classifieds.
Xtreme Alerts
ICO Launch


Xtreme Cash - Xtreme Alerts Mobile

Xtreme Alerts is a social network that provides activity alerts when members schedule and participate in extreme sports activities.  The alert system lets your friends know when you’re active and also lets your friends know when you’re missing.  Additionally our mobile application allows users to challenge or invite friends to extreme activities.


Xtreme Coin (XCC) Wallet Download

We issue you your Xtreme Coin (XCC) that you can store in your wallet.  It’s not traded on any exchanges at this time and CANNOT be purchased through a pre-ico or token sale.  Xtreme Coin (XCC) can only be obtained as reward points by completing extreme activities on  

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Create Xtreme Coin (XCC) Wallet Address

Participate in the Xtreme Coin (XCC) blockchain by downloading our wallet client.

Use Xtreme Coin (XCC) on member classifieds

Purchase items off of the member classifieds section on

Become part of the Community

Join Xtreme Alerts and become a part of the community.

Send and receive Xtreme Coin (XCC)

Once downloaded on your computer you can send and receive Xtreme Coin (XCC).

Deposit earnings off

Earn Xtreme Coin (XCC) and deposit it into your wallet each time you finish an extreme activity.

Join the Xtreme Coin (XCC) community

Join Xtreme Cash (XCC) and be ready for our anticipated ICO launch on March 15th, 2018.